What can we do for you?

Why rely on CAD ​​service and the services ERATZ-engineering?

From time to time it can happen that you have to balance short-term shortages, or want to realize special constructions. We offer our expertise and the ability to use resources to help you save cost effective.

It's not worth starting your own on staff from other projects to raise and so weaken an ongoing project. Here we go with a short-term and individualized service.

We are working with the CAD system, EUKLID

of the company EUKLID GmbH.

Scope of the 3D design:

  • Complete geometry input for drawing
  • Geometry based on input from third-party CAD data
  • Input geometry, based on digitized data
  • Delivery of Euclid's source code
  • Supplied as IGES, EDX, or VDAFS data by e-mail or CD
  • Short-term contract acquisition and processing is possible.

Prices on request.

Please contact us: Contact.

Summing up